Cognitive approach

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  • Cognitive approach
    • Fundamental ideas
      • Internal mental processes should be studied scientifically
      • Behaviours cannot be observed, so they are inferred
    • Role of schema
      • Packages of information and ideas developed through experience
      • Enables us to process a lot of information quickly
      • May distort our interpretations of sensory information
    • Theoretical and computer model
      • Information processing approach
        • Information flows through the cognitive system in a sequence of stages
          • Input, storage and retrieval
      • Computational models compare the human mind to the functions of a computer
        • Has helped to develop AI
    • Cognitive neuroscience
      • Scientific study of the influence of brain structures on mental processes
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Uses objective and scientific methods
          • Lab studies
          • Increases scientific credibility
        • Real world application
          • Applied to the treatment of depression, and used in eyewitness testimonies
      • Weaknesses
        • Lacks external validity
          • Uses artificial stimuli
        • Based on machine reductionism
          • Ignores the influence of human emotions and motivations


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