Cognitive approach to treating depression mind map

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  • Cognitive approach to treating Depression
    • Beck CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
      • A01
        • This is a talking therapy which identifies and challenges irrational thoughts
        • Client is taught catching which allows them to challenge and reconstruct their irrational thoughts and avoid negative cognitive triad
        • Using behavioural activation the therapist encourages the client to take part in enjoyable activities, improving mood
        • The patient is encouraged to use hypothesis testing, acting as a scientist investigating their own thoughts. they gather their own data on themselves through homework before evaluating the results
    • Ellis's REBT (rational emotive behavioural therapy)
      • A01
        • REBT adapts the ABC model and adds D, disputation/ challenging irrational beliefs leading to E, effective change.
        • three different types of CBT
          • Logical disputing- do these beliefs make sense?
          • Empirical disputing- are these beliefs consistent with reality?
          • Pragmatic disputing- is this belief useful and does it help?
    • A03 Evaluation
      • Negative-
        • CBT is not effective for people who are severely depressed since they are unable to take part in difficult psychological work.
        • Access to CBT is limited due to the cost and time investment with trained therapists
        • Anti-depressants are cheaper, more effective and less effort for the client
      • Positive+
        • CBT is as  effective as medication with both showing 81% effectiveness rate
        • The success of CBT has allowed people to be able to return to work which positively impacts the economy


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