Cold War - Why So Many Perspectives

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  • Cold War - Why So Many Perspectives?
    • Reason 1 - Historian and their unique perspectives.
      • The historians come from different backgrounds, i.e different countries, and will be taught by different individuals.
      • They will embrace different values, cultures, methodologies and religions.
      • Views and priorities will be shaped by the people they know and where they came from.
    • Reason 2 -complicating factors such as how recent the cold war was and its political diverseness.
      • Some historians may of lived through the cold war so they can provide a first hand account of what happened.
      • The political tensions of the cold war have not completely died down due to the fact that the cold war ended only 30 years ago
      • Because of the recency of the cold war, competing viewpoints and ideologies still reverberate in modern societies.
    • There are three main movements called the Orthodox, Revisionist and Post-revisionist.
      • These movements share the same approach or position on the cold war and its causes
        • But they mostly differ on their arguments and ideas.
    • Cold War Historiography


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