Coming of the Kingdom of God (Luke 17:20-37)

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  • Coming of the Kingdom
    • Eschatology
      • Realized Eschatology
        • Morris
        • "in the midst of you"
          • Several possible meanings
          • In the Ministry, & person of, Jesus
        • Speaks as though it is in the future to avoid arrest
        • Henry
          • It is here, despite people 'looking forward'
          • Wherever the Word is, Christ is - Wherever Christ is, the Kingdom is
      • Future/Present Eschatology
        • Wright
        • The Messiah must "suffer" first
        • "within your grasp"
          • You must 'sign up'/give aid
          • Cooperation
      • 'Combination' of both 'Comings' of the Messiah
    • Requirements
      • Morris
        • "Whole-hearted devotion"
        • You will be condemned for being too focused on secular life!
        • Seek the Kingdom
        • Do not "look back", like Lot's wife
      • Wright
        • Do not think of material possessions
        • RUN!
    • Pharisees
      • They are looking for the 'wrong' type of Kingdom
        • SO, will never find it!


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