Committee of General Security

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  • Committee of General Security
    • Task: Rooting out all anti-republican opposition
    • Summary: Overall responsibility for police security, surveillance and spying
    • 10th March 1793: Revolutionary Tribunal set up in Paris to try counter-revolutionary suspects
      • Intended to prevent massacres
      • One of the main instruments of the Terror
    • Representatives-on-mission sent to provinces, because of resistance to conscription and Dumouriez's defection
      • Almost unlimited powers over the department and the armies
      • Intended as first stage in reasserting control over the provinces
    • Comites de surveillance set up in each commmune and all major towns
      • Because royalist plots were blamed for the Vendee Rebellion
      • Provided many victims for the Revolutionary Tribunal
    • Summary execution decree: provided trial and execution of armed rebels within 24 hours of capture
      • No jury and no appeal
      • Condemned more victims than the Revolutionary tribunal itself
    • Harsh laws passed against emigres: land confiscated and executed if they returned back to France


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