comparing food texts paper 1

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  • comparing food texts paper 1
    • NOW
      • healthier alternatives and emphasis on eating 5 a day - relate to changing perceptions about physique and body type.
      • state calories on menus - awareness of obesity but is counter-productive as it causes more eating disorders
      • increasing amounts of diets 'keto' 'paleo' - problematic as modern society promotes body positivity
      • cater to intolerances such as dairy free, gluten free, vegan
      • low food waste 'too good to go' and sustainable packaging - link to climate change concerns and awareness of poverty
      • more vegans/ vegetarians - activism against animal cruelty and promoted by religion (Buddhism + Sikhism)
      • cost shapes choices - lifestyle and job changes contribute to the cost of living crisis and promote frugality
      • quick, convenient recipes and takeaways - for conveneince in a fast paced society
      • sense of a food community - tv shows, celebrity promoted recipes, tiktok hacks
      • embrace foods from other cultures
    • THEN
      • british empire was highly promoted through imported goods
      • coffee houses were for the social elite only as coffee was a luxury that only upper classes could afford
      • women were relied on for all domestic tasks such as cooking
      • shelf lives were stressed in adverts as freezers did not exist
      • lacked range in products due to lack of accessibility, technology and demand
      • focus on frugality and cost effectiveness
      • less exposed to recipes and ingredients from different cultures
      • didn't have processed foods, refined sugars, additives or preservatives
      • used milkmen and no alternatives were available (soya, oat, almond)


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