comparison of the great Gatsby and the grapes of wrath

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  • loyalty and friendship
    • The Great Gatsby
      • Nick and Gatsby
        • nick fails to tell G that daisy and tom were getting along when G thought different
          • Gatsby was a hopless case, this would have been a futile attempt
        • nick was the only person who went to G's funeral
      • Gatsby and Daisy
      • Daisy and Tom-- self seeking loyalty when daisy kills Myrtle in order to preserve their status
        • everything about their marriage was perfect from an outsiders perspective
        • "retreating into their vast wealth"
      • absence of loyalty to their home in contrast to the joads
        • tom and daisy are loyal to the money, they can easily leave their home like they do at the end
    • The Grapes Of Wrath
      • the relationship with the Wilson family
      • Muley graves
      • Jim Casey
      • the idea of brother-hood
        • Casy promotes the idea of common humanity
      • Joads ' loyalty to each other and their ancestry
        • they fight to keep their heritage and stay on their land


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