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  • Competition and adaptions
    • Animals and plants have to compete for limited resources. the best adapted animals or plants will win and survive
    • Animals struggle
      • Food, Water, against predators, for mates for territory against weather, against disease
    • Plants struggle
      • For water, for light, for space, for minerals in the soil, against weather
    • A Desert- a desert can have very little rainfall. There is a lot of sunshine. There is very little shade. The temperature can get very hot. at night it can get very hot. e.g. a cable
      • Stomach can hold 20 litres of water
      • Produces very little urine
      • Fat stored in hump
      • No insulating fat under skin
      • Long legs hold it well above the ground
      • flat feet with large surface area
    • An Arctic Habitats extremely low temperature. Ground covered with white snow for most of the year.
      • Thick insulating coat.
      • A large amount of body fat
      • They have  a large body o size to surface area
      • Small ears and compact bides reduce surface area
      • They have a camouflaged coat
      • If an animal has large volume it will have a small surface area to volume ratio e.g. polar bear, seal, articfox


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