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  • computational thinking
    • nice try bozo you are not a computer
    • algorithmic thinking for mark zuckerdaddy
      • finding a viable solution to a problem, as a computer would. a.k.a being smart (or algorithmically smart)
    • decomposition
      • similar to your neighbours ears when you sing, (please tell me you get this joke) decomposition occurs when a problem is broken down into smaller more-easy-to-manage pieces for no-brainers (quite literally) like computers so it is significantly easier to understand complex problems.
    • you thought i was done?!?hah no, abstraction my friend ain't got time for di-straction, infact abstraction focuses solely on important details and zones out on all else, so to come to a solution all the more quickly.
      • abstraction for kool people




hello babez feel free to use this resource.. :3 all jokes aside the three main aspects of computational thinking are: a) Decomposition - as hinted by the name this involves the breaking down of complex problems into smaller ones, so the solution can be readily deduced. b) Abstraction - my oh my do i need some abstraction in my life, removing focal details from rather insignificant ramble, like say you want a pizza with no mushrooms, you focus on having a tasty pizza and thus remove any insignificant parts like the mushrooms! c) Algorithmic thinking - how could i so logically forget, the process of determining a suitable solution algorithmically or with a set of instructions as you would to bake a pie (just don't let it burn!) See end of the day computer science really ain't that hard and if Zuckerberg can do it so can you! goodbye my technocrats and i hope to see you some day doing good things and creating AI like elon musk

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