Conception,Birth and Infancy(0-2 years) cont...

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  • Conception,    Birth and Infancy(0-2 years)cont...
    • Development Norms(Physical Development)
      • 3-4 Months
        • Start on solid foods/develop better head control/roll from side to side/reach for objects
      • 6-9 Months
        • Teething,learns to sit unaided/lift their heads and look around/use thumb and index finger to grasp things
      • 9-12 Months
        • Infants can crawl/chew food/uses hands to explore/walk with support of furniture/may say a few words/know their name
      • 18-24 Months
        • Toddlers can run/turn pages of a book/simple sentences/temper outbursts/know their own name
      • 12-18 Months
    • Intellectual Development
      • Cognitive Development-About thinking and the way the mind works.
      • They learn through their sight,sound,tastes,smells and touch
      • Development of a new language is most important in this life stage.
      • Name people and objects/Combine two words to form sentences/name body parts/express feelings and wishes( 1 year old)


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