conclusions of classic evidence

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  • conclusions
    • biological brain
      • head injury and IQ can be contributory factors.
      • limbic system was associated with learning, memory and emotion.
      • prefrontal cortex had association with agressivenessand impulsivity
      • right hemisphere shows lack of regulation by left, so therefore lack of control over violence expressionism
      • angular gurus was associated to deficit in verbal and arithmetic abilities.
      • amygdala had association with fearlessness.
    • Psychodynamic thieves
      • if the findings are correct treatment should be offered, but prolonged separation of mother and child is unpredictable and unavoidable
      • the damage of mother and child relation leads to superego affected, leading to reduced sense of right and wrong.
      • early experience is important.
    • Behaviourist responses
      • showed ease of reaction/response creation
      • showed generalisations possible
      • Albert was sucking his thumb for sexual stimulation, form of compensation actually
      • freudian interpretation would be wrong.
    • cognitive eye witness
      • the response is bias based on words and that it does influence thoughts and remembrance
      • the critical word change can alter memory of event
      • verbal labels cause a shift.
    • Positive who's happy
      • positive and negative events fade over time
      • 3 months only influence SWB.
      • cultures interpret life differently, individualistic,collectivist.
      • people with goals have higher SWB.
      • the future is not predictable through intersectionality.


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