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  • Confidentiality
    • How staff in HSC settings keep information safe
      • Staff in HSC will have access to a range of confidential medical and personal information about their clients
      • It is essential that they record, store, and retrieve the information safely
      • Settings have their own policies and procedures
      • Staff should never have access to information they do not need
      • Information is handed out on a need to know basis
    • Electronic methods
      • Protected by a secure password
      • Passwords should be regularly chnaged
      • Passwords should only be known to those who need access
      • Computers must be logged off
      • Computers should be stored in private places and not accessible to the public
    • Written records
      • Kept/ stored in locked filing cabinets
      • Records should not be left out in the open
      • Records should only be left in private areas or in a secure location
    • Mobile phones
      • Not permitted to be used in settings
      • Many organisations require staff to sign in their mobile at the begining of a shift
      • This is to safeguarding the clients
    • Social media
      • Staff cannot ... their clients on social media
        • Name
        • Discuss
        • Refer to
        • Contact
    • Photographs
      • Carers/ parents must give consent
        • This is referring to when their photos may be used in the setting or on the internet


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