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  • Conformity
    • Types of conformity
      • Internalisation
        • Change in public and private beliefs
        • Permanent change
      • Identification
        • Change public opinions but not private
        • Done to fit into a group which has something we value
      • Compliance
        • Changing public opinions but not private
        • Opinions stop as soon as group pressure stops
    • Explanations for conformity
      • Informational social influence
        • Agreeing with the majority view because we believe they know better
      • Normative social influence
        • Agreeing with the majority because we want to be liked
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • Asch (NSI)
          • Lucas - maths problems (ISI)
        • Weaknesses
          • NSI is affected by individual differences
    • Zimbardo
      • Sample
        • 21 emotionally stable students
      • Procedure
        • Students were "arrested" and allocated to role of either prisoner or guard
        • Social roles were reinforced through uniforms and instructions
      • Findings
        • Guards treated prisoners harshly
        • Prisoners tried to rebel and became depressed
      • Conclusion
        • Social roles have a strong influence on behaviour
        • Social roles can be adopted very easily
    • Zimbardo evaluation
      • Strengths
        • High control
          • Increases internal validity
      • Weaknesses
        • Lack of realism
          • Limited real-life application
        • Fromm - Zimbardo may have exaggerated findings




I was looking for this table for a report and presentation at work. I will definitely take it into my process now.



The diagram with colorful division is clear and easy to understand. Wish you will have the most relaxing time when playing basket random. I think this game will bring you many new experiences.

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