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  • Conscience
    • what is it?
      • our moral sense of what is right and wrong
      • prompts people in different directions
    • where does it come from?
      • 2. Religious views:
        • God given
          • implied that if we follow it everyone can follow the divine law
        • Aquinas
          • people aim for the good and avoid the bad
            • bad = sin and falling short of God
        • Butler
          • distinguishes humans from animals
          • God given guide to right conduct
      • 1. Secular views:
        • freud
          • construct of the mind- guilt
        • Piaget and Kohlberg
          • conscience develops as we grow
    • what is its function in ethical decision making?
      • moral guide
        • 1. like following the law of God.
        • is it reliable? morals can change
      • basis of morals
        • can develop them
      • can provide a balanced non bias opinion


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