consequences of divorce

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  • what are the consequenes of divorce?
    • changes to family structures
      • after divorce children usually live with mum full time and visit dad
        • it is common for  children to loose contact with their dad
      • there are more reconstituted families
      • people may experience emotional distress
    • financial hardship
      • lone parent families with dependentchildren are at risk of poverty
      • face difficulty in juddingthe demands of work and home life
      • divorce often leads to changein peoples financial circumstance
    • relationship breakdown and emotional distress
      • some members of the extended family may loose contact with or see less of the children
      • conflict between the former husband and wife may continue after divorce
      • a breakdown in the relationship between the parents may mean that the children relationship with the parent
    • remarriage
      • remarriageseems to be declining in England and wales
        • for example between 1995 and 200, 19 percent of all marriages were remarriages for both parents
          • in 2013 this figure was 15 percent


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