1.1 - State Crime

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  • Topic 1.1 - Types of Crime (State Crime)
    • Definition and Examples
      • Definition =  Illegal and or deviant activities perpetrated by state agencies as well as crimes committed by individuals or groups with the support of state officials.
      • Example = Torture, police brutality (excessive forced used by law enforcement), imprisonment without trial, war crimes (acts carried out during war which violates the rules),  political crimes (Illegal acts used to threaten the government).
    • Victims & Offenders
      • Victims = Typically members of ethnic or religious minority for example the Rwandan Tutsis. Also may just be citizens of the state.
      • Offenders = Always state officials like politicians, police officers, security forces and civil servants. Usually senior and more higher ranked as these crimes can be concealed easier if the offender is important.
    • Deviant or Criminal
      • Deviant = Highly deviant due to the fact that they go against widely accepted standards of behaviour.
      • Criminal = Majority of the offences are criminal according to the particular country's laws and rules.
    • Level of Public Awareness
      • Very low level of public awareness as higher authority individuals can easily conceal their crimes by using their power, wealth or authority against others including the media.
      • However, when state crimes come to light they receive huge amounts of media attention as the scale of the crime is often huge shocking


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