Considerations when choosing a university

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  • Considerations when choosing a university
    • Location- is it somewhere you'd like to live?
      • is the location safe?
      • how far is it from home and is travel feasible?
      • do you prefer a city vibe or town vibe?
      • is the uni city based or campus based?
    • Ranking- do you want a Russell Group or are flexible?
      • check rankings on The Guardian, The Times, The Complete University Guide
    • Course structure- do the modules interest you?
      • how many contact hours will be there, assessment methods
      • are you lookiing for more general or specialised modules?
      • do you want to take up optional modules in other departments?
    • Student life and night life
      • ask current students their experience. use TSR and UniBuddy
      • what societies are available for you to join?
      • what part-time jobs are available?
      • are there sports, art, music, theatre clubs/ opportunities?
      • check out the uni's social media accounts- Instagram, Facebook, TikTok
    • Cost= tuition fees+ accommodation + living expenses
      • does the university offer scholarships?
    • Course rep- is the university reputed for your course?
    • Facilities- do the available facilities suit your needs?
      • library, lecture halls, study spaces, prayer halls, laboratories, sports arenas
    • Is student support available?
      • like careers advice, mental health and disability support
    • Graduate prospects- does the university have industry connections?
      • what is the average graduate salary for your career path?
        • Can you undertake a placement with your course?
    • Can you meet the entry requirements?
    • Does the uni offer year abroad/ work placement?




Good scheme! Thanks for sharing! From my own experience, I know that it is not easy to choose a proper college or University.

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