Consolidation of Bolshevik power overview

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  • Defending the Bolshevik Revolution 1917-24
    • Peace
      • Germans demanded control of the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine
        • Would mean Russia would lose 32% of its arable land
      • Bolsheviks divided over peace deal e.g. Bukharin opposed it
        • Lenin threatened to resign - opponents forced to back down
    • Economic policies
      • State capitalism
      • War Communism
      • The NEP
    • The Cheka and the Red Terror
      • Cheka - political police
        • Closed right wing papers
        • Expelled the SRs and Mensheviks from the Soviets
        • Violent techniques e.g. scalped, frozen
    • Civil War
    • Consolidating power
      • Constitutional assembly
        • SRs had won
        • Bolsheviks only won 168/703 seats


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