Consultation and confrontation mind map

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  • Consultation and confrontation 1930-42
    • Why did the round table conferences 1930-32 fail?
      • The first, second and third round table conferences, November 1930-December 1932
      • Why did they fail?
    • How far was a political compromise reached in the years 1932-35?
      • India reaction to failure of consultation
      • Communal award and Gandhi's response
      • Yeravda pact
      • Support and opposition in Britain for constitutional change
    • To what extent did the Government of India Act impact on Indian and British politics?
      • Partial implementation of the Act
      • Outcome of 1937 elections
      • How did Muslim League revitalise itself?
      • Congress divided against itself
      • Attitudes towards the British Raj
    • How united was India's reaction to the outbreak of WW2 in 1939?
      • How did Congress and Muslim League react to war?
      • Lahore resolution March 1940
      • Nationalist reaction to the August offer
      • Boss and the axis powers
      • Conclusion


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