Contemporary Film Media Regulation

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  • Contemporary Media Regulation (Film)
    • Past
      • Mary Whitehouse (activist)
        • Video Nasties (1980's)
          • Video Recordings Act (1984)
          • Evil Dead (1981)
          • Moral Panic
    • Present
      • Julian Petley (theorist)
        • Regulation is the upper class trying to control lower classes
      • The Woman In Black
        • 6 seconds cut completely. Quietened sound. Used darker filters. Received 40 complaints
      • The Hunger Games
        • Cornucopia Scene
          • Cut all blood on screen. 7 seconds cut in total. Killing is not actually seen, camera cuts away leading to bambi effect.
    • Termanology
      • Bambi effect: When violence is implied, camera cuts away to the reaction of another, leaving it up to the imagination


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