The League of Nations - Countries not part of it

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  • Countries not in The League
    • The US
      • The Treaty
        • Some Americans hated the treaty
        • The treaty was linked to The League
          • All countries that signed the treaty had to join The League
          • The League had to enforce the treaty
        • There were millions of German immigrants living in America
          • They didn't want The League to help squeeze reparation payments out of Germany
      • Army
        • To many Americans the league suggested the USA was promising to send its troops to settle every little conflict around the world
        • The had been appalled at the carnage of WW1 and wanted the US to stay out of such disputes
      • Money
        • By joining The League, Americans were promising to solve all international problems regardless of cost
        • Business leaders said the US had become a powerful country by isolationism (staying out of all European affairs)
          • The USA should continue to mind its own business
      • Freedom
        • Others opposed the League because they were anti-British or anti-French
          • They didn't want to fight for Britian's empire
          • They believed in freedom and opposed the whole idea of colonies and empires
    • USSR
      • In 1917 it had become the World's only communist country
      • No where else wanted to have anything to do with a country that wished to remove wealth and share it equally
    • Germany
      • Germans saw The League as part of The Versailles Treaty
      • It had 'caused the war' and countries felt that it had not yet earned the right to join
        • League became a winners club, rather than something everyone could join
      • France did not want them to be allowed


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