Crown Prosecution Service - CPS

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  • CPS, Crown Prosecution Service
    • What it's responsible for?
      • Reviewing cases submitted by the police
      • Determining charges, except in minor cases
      • Advising the police
      • Preparing and presenting cases in court
    • What are their decisions to prosecute based on?
      • Whether it is in the public's interest to do so
      • Whether there is sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction
    • Evaluation of the CPS
      • They are objective in deciding if a case should be prosecuted, saving time and money
        • The police are more likely to be subjective, having been involved in the investigation
          • Subjective: seeing things from an inside/ personal viewpoint
        • Objective: Seeing things from an independent or outside viewpoint
      • It has been criticized for overspending on administration, lacking independence and relying on police information


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