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  • creation 2
    • the origins and structure of the Bible
      • The Old Testament deals with the ways that God related to the Jewish people throughout their history before the coming of Jesus
        • The law (Torah)
          • how Jews became people of God
        • the history books
          • how God guided his people and how they refused to llisten
        • the wisdom books
          • prayers, psalms, books of advice, poems. Showed people how to use their God-given talents to do what's right
        • the prophets
          • words of inspired figures who were sent by God to show people how God is active in the world
      • The New Testament is based on the life and teachings of Jesus and the apostles
        • the gsopels
          • record the actions and teachings of Jesus
        • the epistles
          • show christians how to live by Jesus' teaching, what it means to be a christians
        • the book of relevation
          • written by John, his own mystical visions
        • the acts of the apostles
          • some of the events in the early church, continuation of the gospel of Luke
    • magisterium
      • the teaching authority of the catholic church, exercised by the Pope and the bishops
    • the Bible as the word of God
      • since God speaks to his people through the Bible, it is called 'the word of God'
        • the hoy spirit inspires believers to accept the message of God and share it with other people.
          • Gods spoke through the Holy spirits inspiration of Bible therefore its the word of God but the HS also guides the church and speaks through the magisterium. It makes the word of God relevant to the modern world. People can trust the Magisterium becuase it was inspired by the same HS that inspired the Bible
    • interpreting Genesis accounts
      • Catholics - myths, poems about God and human beings. Not interpreted literally
      • fundamentalist view - take it literally
    • natural law
      • it implies that people intuitively know which is the right thing to do and they should not need rules to tell them which is right


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