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  • creation
    • art
      • Michelangelo - creation of Adam
        • focuses on how dependant humanity is on God
          • Adam is shown is a perfect man and this reflects what is taught in Genesis that God made everything good
            • Hes shown as the ideal mad but not fully alive, his outstretched arm is almost touching God but fingers are bent, waiting for Gods lifef force to straighten them out.
          • God looks much older than Adams showing how he is ancient and eternal unlike humans
          • Adam and God are lying in the same positions, showing how humanity is made in the image of God.
          • The hands reaching out show how humans want a close relationship with God
          • God in air shows his transcendence while Adam is on the ground.
            • nothing comes into being without God
        • Nowhere in the Bible did it say Gods touched Adam to give him life. Since they are nearly the same size is suggests that man is equal to God. Some people don't like how God is presented as an old man.
      • Mieres mosaic
        • depicts hand of God at work in a powerful way
          • Gods hand is larger than the cloud, illustrates his greatness.
            • shows God is always creating
          • The lines touch all the edges of the universe, reflect that gods influence touches all things
    • genesis 1 and 2
      • God is omnipotent. He has the power to do whatever he wants.
        • God is transcendent. He is completely beyond the created world
          • ' the spirit of God was hovering over the waters'
        • 'He said let there be light and there was light'
      • benevolent - 'it is not good for man to be alone'
    • stewardship
      • the idea that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God
        • recycle more,use public transport, take part of local environmental projects, buy products from eco-friendly businesses, put pressure on governments
    • sanctity of life
      • all life is holy as it is created and loved by God. Human life shouldn't be misused or abused.
        • in Genesis 1 God blesses humans after her creates them
          • for Catholics every stage of life should be treated with care and respect.
    • Cafod
      • official aid agency that aims to support people living in poverty to created a more balanced and sustainable world
      • ways they support sustainability
        • encourage people in England and Wales to live more simply
        • set up projects that use renewable energy
          • help farmers to use sustainable techniques that are economical yet effective


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