Crime and punishment

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  • Crime and punishment
    • capital punishment
      • For : Gets rid of the criminals provides safety, brings about closure for the families affected. Makes the suspects fam feel justice
      • against: situation ethics -may not be the most loving thing to do , killing a life + Allah is merciful so we should forgive
    • Justice
      • One of Allahs characteristic is justice
      • 'Uphold justice and bear witness to God'
      • prophet Muhammad was a fair and peaceful man
    • crime
      • hudud- crime against God Qisas- crime against families
      • causes: socialisation ,lack of opportunity, subculture
      • 'God commands justice'
        • - be fair, act in the wright way ,honour their promises
    • Good, evil and suffering
      • Muslim response to suffering
        • it can teach resilisence and provide poepl with oportunities to perform good actions
      • Non religous response to suffering
        • whenever anyone suffers we should help them, life is a struggle which we need to overcome
    • aims of punishment +forgiveness
      • deterrent, restoration, retribution, protection
      • Muhammed forgave people
      • restorative justice
    • treatment of crinimals
      • criminals should be treated humanely
        • 'They give food to the poor, the orphan and the captive
      • fair trail


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