Crime and Punishment - Early modern England

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  • Law Enforcement
    • Early modern England
      • Punishment
        • The Bloody Code
          • In the 17th century there were 50 capital offences,
        • Fines
        • Stocks and Pillaries
        • Heresy
        • Hanging
      • Crimes
        • 'New' crimes
        • Crimes against authority
          • High treason
            • the crime of plotting or acting to overthrow or harm the ruler or country
              • The Gunpowder Plots
                • They were hung, drawn and quartered
                • They wanted to overthrow the protestant king of England
          • Heresy
            • the crime of having religious beliefs that were different to the official religion of the the country
        • Witchcraft
          • Witch hunts
            • were when people activelt tried to discover witches
            • in 1542, Henry VIII made witchcraft punishable by death
    • Role of the church
      • Benefit of the Clergy
    • the community
      • people were expected to raise and join the hue and cry
    • town constables and night watchmen
    • no national police force
  • led by Matthew Hopkins


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