Crime and Punishment Fundamentals

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  • Crime and Punishment
    • Definitions of Crime
      • What was considered a crime and which crimes were most serious.
    • Law Enforcement
      • How crime was policed and detected and how people were tried for crimes.
    • Punishment
      • How they punished criminals and the aims of the punishment.
      • Purposes
        • Retribution
          • Punishment because the person deserves it. (matching the severity of crimes.
        • Rehabilitation
          • To help someone not re-offend.
        • Reform
          • Trying to make someone's character improve and making them better people
        • Deterrence
          • A punishment frightening or painful, designed to put people off committing same crime.
        • Restitution
          • paying compensation for crime.
        • Removal
          • Offenders that may cause a ripple effect or may be dangerous exiled.


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