Crime and punishment

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    • MEDEA
      • Medea commits the crime of murder
      • Jason's betrayal could be seen as a crime
      • Medea coming from a non-Greek country
      • Creon exiles Medea before she has done anything
        • Premature exile
        • He is worried she will do something before it has happened
      • Medea is exiled as a punishment
      • Creon lets a married man marry his daughter
        • If anybody else had done this they would've been punished
      • Punishment on Glauce and Creon through death
      • Jason is punished for his betrayal
        • Glauce is dead
        • The children are dead
      • Phaedra's desire for Hippolytus is a crime
      • Hippolytus is accused of a crime - ****
      • Theseus cursing Hippolytus could be seen as a crime
      • Phaedra is punished by the nurse when she tells Hippolytus
        • She is also punished when she dies
        • She is punished after death by losing her reputation
          • Something she was so desperate to keep
      • Hippolytus commits a crime of hubris
        • He is not worshiping all the gods
      • Hippolytus is punished by his death
      • Theseus is punished by Hippolytus dying
        • Also punished by Phaedra's death
      • Antigone breaks the law by burying Polynices
        • Says she is following the gods' law though
      • Creon breaks divine law by not allowing burial rites
      • Creon believes in obedience to man-made laws
      • Antigone is punished for her actions
        • She is put in the chamber locked away
        • She is 'buried' an unmarried woman
        • Due to the conditions she commits suicide - the ultimate personal punishment
      • Creon is also punished for his actions
        • Haemon commits suicide because of Antigone
        • Eurydice commits suicide because of Haemon
      • Oedipus is punished by the death of Jocasta and by blinding himself
      • Laius' murder is a crime
      • Oedipus curses his house at the beginning
        • Cursing himself w/out knowing it
      • Incest is a major crime
        • Committed by Oedipus and Jocasta
      • Jocasta is punished through death
      • Oedipus is exiled for his actions
      • The children are punished by who their parents are
        • Foreshadowed to live bad lives
      • The shepherd is punished for the truth he knows


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