Crime Recording Methods

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  • Crime Stats Methods
    • Home Office (Police recorded Crime)
      • The home office gathers all of the police stations recorded crime and turns them into tables with the figures.
        • Quantitive data is easy to read and identify trends from
      • The police have to follow a standardised recording system
        • The circumstance amount to a crime defined by law
        • A police report must be issued for all reported crimes, an incident is recorded on the balance of probability, a crime remains recorded unless there is verifiable evidence to disprove it.
      • The statistics can be accessed by the public online
      • The home office doesn't account for unrecorded crimes
      • The stats are broken into type of offence, geography and time period so its easy to identify cause for trends
    • CSEW (Victim Surveys)
      • This is a self reported victim survey then a sample of the population is interviewed.
      • In-depth qualitative research to show why some crimes are not reported to police and to find which ones.
      • Anonymous so people feel more inclined to tell the researcher the truth.
      • Research gets different results from the others
        • The crime survey typically reports a higher amount of crime
      • The CSEW includes many things that the PRC doesn't eg the survey covers new and emerging crime and separates the experiences of 10-15 year olds in a shorter interview (2009)
      • Strengths
        • can form preventative strategies, sees victims view point
        • large sample, standardized interviewing, uncovers hidden crime
        • First hand knowledge not police interpretation
        • Confidential
      • Limitations
        • Victimless crime not recorded, but relies on victims memory
        • is not sent to everyone, not represented unemployed more likely to do
        • Victims may exaggerate, results maybe be bias
        • Victims can retract statements


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