Criminal Courts

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  • Criminal Courts
    • Classification of offences
      • Summary offences - can only be tried by magistrates
      • Either-way offences - Can be tried either by magistrates or in a Crown Court.
      • Indictable offences - More serious offences tried by judge and jury in Crown Court
    • Burden of proof and standard of proof
      • D is presumed innocent until proven guilty
      • Prosecution to prove guilty
    • Magistrates Courts
      • Hear applications for bail under the Bail Act 1976
      • Bail may be disallowed on the following grounds:
        • The fear D may interfere with the witnesses
        • Possibility that D may abscond
        • Possibility D will reoffend.
        • Seriousness of offence
      • Hear applications for legal aid
    • Crown Courts
      • To hear all indictable offences
      • Acts as an appeal court hearing cases from magistrates court.


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