Criminology-U2-Lombroso Theory

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  • Lombroso
    • Theory
      • He believed that you can tell a criminal by what they look like.
      • Criminals are a different species
      • Criminality is inheritable
      • Criminals have Atavistic Features
        • Large Jaw
        • High Cheekbones
        • Sloped Forehead
        • Long Arms
        • Large Ears
        • Extra Toes, *******, Fingers
      • Can determine crime by looks
        • Bloodshot eyes and curly hair= murderer
    • Evaluation
      • Lombroso was the first to study scientifically which he used objective measurements to gather evidence, crime uses too be seen as a moral or religious issue
      • His research showed the importance of clinical and historical records of criminals
      • Fails to describe why women commit crime
      • This helped with offender profiling
      • Extremely deterrministic
      • Doesn't explain all factors of why people are criminals
      • By describing criminals as a 'primitive stage' this would mean Lombroso equates non-western societies with criminals, this means the theory is a form of racism
      • Ian Brady- One of the Moors Murderers has a sloped forehead, big nose as well as a large jaw, and he is a criminals, Lombroso theory works
      • Not all people with Atavistic Features are criminals
    • Research
      • University of China
        • 1856 Chinese Men
          • 1/2 were criminals
          • 6% of innocent were accused as criminals
          • Faces entered into an AI system
      • Looked at 383 dead criminals and 3839 alive criminals
        • Concluded that 40% of criminal acts can be accounted by atavistic features
    • Facts
      • Father of Modern Criminology
      • Military Doctor and Italian Psychiatrist
      • Moved Criminology into the scientific realm


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