Criticisms of the Marxist theory of crime

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  • Criticisms of Marxist theory of Crime
    • Other effects of crime
      • Feminists say Marxism ignores the role of patriarchy in social control
      • Left realists say Marxism focuses too much on corporate crime
      • Left realists dispute the idea that WC crimes such as burglary dont cause much harm .
        • Victims are often WC also.
    • Critical criminology
      • Argues that criminals choose to break the law
      • Fully social theory of deviance
        • deviance needs tp be explained from different viewpoints .
        • Needs to consider how society is organised and how and why individuals choose to be deviant.
      • Hall Et Al - black muggings ad a moral panic.
        • Social, economic political = the country was in economic crisis
        • State motivation = the gov wanted to feel in control
        • Media motivation = wanted a dramatic story.
        • The police arrested more people and the media reported this and presented the muggers as a threat to society


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