Cromwell's Campaigns in Ireland

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  • Cromwell's Campaign's in Ireland
    • Why was the reconquest of Ireland necessary according to the Rump?
      • Kept the restless army occupied
      • The massacre of protestants during the 1641 Irish Rebellion should be avanged.
      • Royalist sympathies were high in Ireland and the Rump was scared that Ireland could be used as a 'backdoor' for possible invasions.
        • Cromwell's success with Lord Broghill was a key factor in swaying many old Anglican Irish gentry to the republic's side.
    • The events of Cromwell's Campaigns
      • Cromwell landed in August 1649
        • The garrison towns of Drogheda  and Wrxford were both massacred. By 1650, the provinces of Leinster, Ulster and Munster were all under Parliamentary control with Henry Ireton in charge.
          • These massacres were a warning to all other towns. At Drogheda 2,000-4,000 people were killed.
    • What were Cromwell's motives for the Campaign?
      • The Irish had massacred protestants during the 1642 Irish Rebellion. Cromwell believed it was God's will that he massacre the Catholics and Irish as vengeance.
        • The New Model Army were full of religious zeal which was motivating during these campaigns.
      • Also, the people attacked by the New Model Army and Cromwell were Royalists and Irish and they were seen as responsible for the Second Civil War for supporting Charles ii. They needed to be punished.
    • The Irish
      • The protestants and catholics had formed an alliance against the English Parliament but this relationship was crumbling.
    • What was controversial about Cromwell's actions?
      • There were civilian women and children at the garrisons he targeted.
      • Cromwell's dealings with the enemy were less than honourable. He ordered to take no prisoners. he burned alive Irish soldiers that retreated inside a Church. His soldiers plundered and looted.


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