GLOBALISATION - Cultural diffusion and hyperglobalisation

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  • Cultural Diffusion (and its possible oppositions)
    • Spreading of a western culture (involving capitalism (consumption of goods) private enterprise (privately-owned businesses), success (wealth), fashion, technology and trends, and exploitation of the environment.
    • Migration increases cultural diffusion, where different people come into contact with each other.
    • Cultural imperialism
      • Promoting one nation over another using their SOFT POWER - USA with HOLLYWOOD
    • 4 million people speak GLOBISH (basic ENGLISH consisting of 1500 words.
      • ENGLISH has dominated the internet and become the global language for commerce, technology and education. (SINGLISH - Singapore's variation).
        • BRITISH took their language and love of CRICKET globally with migration and tourism.
    • TNC's have a large influence; brands such as NIKE, MCDONALDS
    • Global media, DISNEY, BBC (DOWNTON ABBEY) and BOLLYWOOD.
    • Disagreements with globalisation
      • Increased resource consumption through exploiting natural resources (deforestation, water pollution, global warming and loss of biodiversity).
      • Exploitation of workers (mostly in developing countries)
      • Increased inequality (the 1% of rich people) at the expense of others.
      • Cultural erosion - traditional lifestyles are forgotten (local dress, language and art).
        • INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF AMAZONIA and PAPA NEW GUINEA- becoming aware of global culture (Coca Cola, clothing, money-making) wanting education for their children. AMAZONIAN people are moving to MANAUS, an urban area.
    • Health issues in ASIA concur from fast food.
    • Disabled, LGBT, supported by PARALYMPICS and GAY PRIDE marches.


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