Cultural Effects Model

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  • Cultural Effects Model
    • Model sees the audience as passive to media messages
    • The effect is less immediate than suggested by the hypodermic syringe model
    • MARXIST model, suggests that the media is a powerful tool in transmitting capitalist ideas, norms and values
      • MARXISTS argue that audiences have been exposed over a long period of time, in a 'drip drip' effect
    • The IDEOLOGICAL messages reflect the values of those who own, control and produce the media
    • The 'Preferred Reading'
      • The media promote a particular interpretation of events
      • Those lacking direct experience of the events covered in the media are likely to accept this preferred reading
        • Those with direct experience of events being covered are likely to reject the preferred reading.
      • Repetition of the preferred reading over a time period means that most people accept it & it becomes part of our culture
    • NEWSOM
      • Investigating the effects of violent TV crimes on young people
        • Suggested that exposure of violent killings create a drip-drip effect amongst people rather than an immediate change
      • MARXISTS underestimate the importance of state regulation
      • Anti-establishment programmes are made
        • Media creates programmes based on what the audience want to see , rather than ideology being fed to the audience
          • PLURALISM
        • Media messages are POLYSEMIC and interpreted differently by everyone


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