cultural factors in ethnic achievement

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  • cultural factors in ethnic achievement
    • attitudes and values
      • cultural deprivation theorists see lack of motivation as major cause of failure in black children
      • some black children are socialised into a subculture that instils a fatalistic attitude leaving them unequipped for success
    • family structure and parental support
      • ken pryce
        • less resistance to racism leads to black pupils having low self-esteem
        • claims Asians are higher achieving (than blacks) because their culture is more resistant to racism
      • Charles Murray
        • new right
        • high rate of lone parenthood and a lack of positive male role models lead to underachievement in some ethnic minorities
      • daniel maynihan
        • boys lack adequate role model of male achievement
        • black families are headed by a lone mother who struggles financially
        • cycle of inadequacy
        • black children are deprived of adequate care
      • ruth lupton
        • adult authority in asian families similar to school
        • respectful behaviour towards adults is expected
      • asian families
        • high value on education
        • Chinese pupils benefit from supportive parents
        • have higher work ethic
        • Chinese pupils benefit from supportive parents
      • white w/c pupils
        • often underachieve and have lower aspirations
        • lack of aspiration due to lack of parental support
        • white w/c parents have negative views of education


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