Cultural differences in relationships

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  • Cultural differences in relationships
    • Collectivist cultures
      • Arranged marriages by well wishers
        • Arranged by status, money , kids
      • Small rates of divorces-embarrassing for family
        • because of  witchcraft, bad dreams and omens
          • Research support by Betzing who found that in 186 societies where he looked at divorces- witchcraft was 10% in Africa while in USA-0%
            • Good culture variations as it was 186 which is good
            • It doesn't take into account individual differences
      • Economy important- groom gets dowries just before the wedding
        • Research support in India where 4603 Indian women where asked what they think of dowries and 43% don't approve this system
          • Good sample size
    • Individualistic cultures
      • Couples marry because of love and find by themselves their partners
      • High numbers of divorces as they don't feel any pressure from the society
    • research support by LeVein who gave a questioner into 11 cultures with a question would you marry a person if you did not love him- USA-3% yes,India- 50% yes
      • Questioner-self report people may lie because of the social desirability
      • Support-good cultural variations as 11 cultures was involved
    • Evolutionary approach criticize is it as it is about finding the best match for you to promote and protect your genes and culture does not have any influence
    • It is deterministic as it deter-ms that a individual from a collectivist culture will be married because of children which may not be the case as it could be because of love
    • In now days there is a mix of cultures as in individualistic cultures people tend to be influenced by family while in collectivistic cultures couples now have more right to choose for themselves


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