Cultural influences on gender

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  • Cultural influences on gender roles
    • Cultural variations
      • There are also significant variation which Mead described as cultural RELATIVISM.
      • We can include historical changes when considering sex differences, in UK w continue to do domestic duties.
        • However, the gender gap is ever decreasing, which supports the role of changing social influences across cultures.
    • Margaret Mead
      • Studied social groups in Papua New Guinea , the tribes expressed their gender role in different ways
        • Arapesh- m/w were gentle
        • Mundugumar- m/w were both violent
        • Tchambuli- w were dominant and m stayed at home.
    • AO2 Mead
      • Mead later changed her view as she realised that in all societies the men were aggressive than the women.
        • This suggests some behaviours are innate and universal but the degree to which these behaviours are expressed is relative to that  particular culture.


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