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  • Couples 2.1
    • Functionalist
      • Bott - Conjugal role relationships = Segregated, joint, complimentary
      • Young and Willmott - The Symmetrical family = March of progress view - move from segregated to integrated conjugal roles.
        • The roles of the husbands and wives aren't identical but equal
        • 1. men help with the housework and childcare. 2. Leisure time together. 3. women go to work
        • Contributed to SF: 1. CPOW 2. Geographical mobility 3. New technologies 4. higher standard of living
        • 72% of men did housework beyond washing up
    • Feminist
      • Oakley = Challenging SF. Criticses their research methods as it's based on one question excludes younger women. Low Generalisability
        • 15% of husbands had a high level of participation in housework
        • 25% participated in childcare
          • From her findings men are heling more but not enough to say it's equal
    • Impact of paid work
      • Gershuny - Lagged Adaption = analysed household data 1974-1987. A time lag between men taking up more work and women dropping housework.
      • Duncombe and Marsden - Triple shift. Conducted research on 40 white couples in one area who were married for 15 years
        • Woen make emotional effort while men devalue it
        • Men priratised  work and failed to take emotional responsibility at home
          • Men wanted a picture of marriage and domesticity
      • Morris - Dual burden
      • Sclater - Household Technologies


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