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  • Dakota Access Pipeline
    • Local Benefits
      • More jobs
      • Higher GDP - 29% above average
      • A positive multiplier effect as workers need somewhere to stay and eat
      • Gives awareness of the Sioux
      • Money from taxes fed back into the system
      • more money can be spent on health and education
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      • Oil usually means access to transport
    • Local Costs
      • Undermines culture of the Sioux
      • Pollutes water sources
      • Undermines need for green energy
      • Very expensive to run
      • Oil companies have to pay wages of workers
      • Oil company has to pay for damages
      • Disruption of sacred sites
      • Loss of biodiversity
    • National Costs
      • Polluted water source means countries are less inclined to deliver aid
      • Ill workforce means less production
      • Health problems because of pollution
      • If something goes wrong you lose a lot of money
      • Funding a project of this scale can be difficult
    • National Benefits
      • More infrastructure makes it easier for people to visit the reservation
      • Hybridisation through different cultures meeting
      • Higher GDP means greater amounts of trade
      • Having more goods helps economies to develop.


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