data protection act 2018

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  • data protection act 2018
    • protected everyone age, gender
    • impacts on care practitioners is the data protection and provides detailed regulations about how the staff should handle information
    • impact on service providers, the service provider must follow policies and procedures. for example, confidentiality and data handling policies. they must monitor to ensure they are being followed
    • impacts on people who use the service clients information should be kept confidential and not be discussed. any information that is shared should be to know basis confidentiality is to be broken when the client is at risk of them harming themselves or others
    • key aspects
      • all personal information should be accurate and kept up to date
      • should not be kept no longer if not needed
      • must be kept safe, secure locked away, password access
      • person data is about has the right to be seen
      • information should be processed fairly and lawfully
      • it should only be used for the reason it was intended for
      • confidentiality information can be used/passed in if the person is in danger or the law could be broken


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