Luke's Gospel Date Mindmap

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  • Date Of Luke's Gospel
    • Later Date
      • Josephus' Work
        • Antiquities of the Jews
          • Luke mentions Lysanius, Theudas & Judas
            • Doubtful Luke would have recorded errors
      • Justin Martyr
        • Similar style of writing; Apolgetic
          • Maybe Luke's Gospel not circulated by 130AD
    • Early Date
      • Acts ends with imprisonment of Paul ; If Luke had known about the execution of Paul in 65-66 he most likely would have mentioned it; but Luke ends acts on a high note - Hope for chrisians
      • Markian Priority
      • Luke's Positive View of the Romans
        • Gospel written before the Nero persecutions which began 64AD
          • Or written  so long after the persecutions that bitterness fadded
      • Acts before Paul's letters
        • Not well known till mid 90's ; Written 50-64
    • Intermediate Date
      • Destruction of temple
        • Luke has more information; Mark is more like a prediction
          • Luke's written after 70AD
      • Mark's Gospel was witten 65-75AD; Luke was dependent on Mark's Gospel
        • Luke's gospel had to be a number of years later
      • Luke's Gospel known by;
        • Clement Of Rome(Wrote  (96 AD)
          • Made reference to Luckan Material in his writngs
            • Luke Wrote prior to this date
        • John


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