1. Defining Crime and Deviance

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  • Defining Crime and Deviance
    • Definitions of crime and deviance
      • Crime: any behaviour that breaks the criminal law of society
      • Deviance: any behaviour which breaks the norms of society
    • Two forms of deviance
      • Legal Deviance: breaking social norms of society but not breaking the law
      • Illegal Deviance: behaviour which breaks norms that have been written as laws
    • Being deviant depends on:
      • Time: norms and laws change over time so what is seen as deviant changes over time
      • Culture: different societies have different norms and values
      • Position or social role of the person carrying out the act
    • Who defines deviance?
      • it is defined by society. societies reaction decides whether something is criminal or deviant (social construct)
    • Social Control: how society is stable and ordered
      • Informal social control: positive and negative sanctions. carried out through agencies such as families
      • Formal Social control: deals with illegal deviance


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