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  • Democracy
    • Definition
      • Literal meaning is rule by the people
        • demos = 'people'
        • Kratia = 'rule of/by'
      • Abraham Lincoln
        • 'government of the people, by the people, and for the people'
    • Government of the People
      • Now expect most citizens to participate
      • Voting, standing fro office, being active in parties & campaigning in pressure groups
      • Some don't participate BUT every has the opportunity
        • 'participatory democracy'
    • Government by the People
      • People make the important decisions that affect them
      • Closet to Direct demoracy
      • Not practical now, but all governments consult with the people
    • Government for the People
      • Whoever governs does so in the broad interest of the people
      • Should take into account the interests/need of all sections of society
      • Know as 'Representative Democracy'
      • Elected representatives are accountable through eletions
        • trust them to rule on our behalf


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