Deprivation Case Studies

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  • Deprivation Case Studies
    • Swansea
      • Outer city suffers from service deprivation
      • Town hill ward is more deprived than castle due to higher population
      • Deprivation decreases from inner city to outer suburbs
      • Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation data (WIMD)
    • Human Poverty Index
      • Probability of not living to 60
      • People lacking functional reading skills
      • Long-term Unemployment
      • Population over 50% median income
      • HPI- Made by the UN to give an indication of the standard of living in a country
    • China
      • 67.8% live on less than $5 a day
      • 1981= 85% poverty rate 2008=33.1% poverty rate
        • Poverty rate = Under $1.25 a day
      • Economic reform in the 1970's
      • Growing economy- 15 years 1990-2005  averaged per capita growth of 8.7%
      • Massive development gap between rural and urban communities
    • Child Poverty
      • Children and Families (Wales) measure 2010- First piece of legislation in the UK specific to child poverty
      • Reduce the number of families living in workless households
      • Looks to improve the skill of parents,  carers and young people so they can secure well paid employment
      • Reduce inequalities which exist in the health, education and economic outcomes of children and families
      • 31% of children in Wales are living in poverty (Household Below Average Income Data)
      • Worldwide economic unsustainability caused the scheme to not be as effective as first thought
      • Apprenticeship completion increased from 54% in 2007 to 80% in 2010
    • Indices Of Deprivation
      • 2004/7
        • Used on small area level
        • Created by the British Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
      • 2010
        • 5 million people in england lived in deprived areas (38% income deprived
        • Most deprived area was Jaywick on the Essex coast
        • Compared to the 2007 data to show changes in deprivation
      • 7 Dimensions
        • Income
        • Employment
        • Health and Disability
        • Education, Skills and Training
        • Barriers to housing and services
        • Living Environment
        • Crime


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