Descriptive statistics: Measures of Dispersion

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  • Descriptive statistics: Measures of Dispersion 
    • Range
      • This is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers.
      • STRENGTH
        •  Uses the highest and lowest numbers and therefore takes into consideration extreme scores.
      • WEAKNESS
        • Only using two scores in the data set and ignoring the rest therefore it may not be representative of the data set as a whole.
        • The extreme scores could distort the range.
    • Standard Deviation
      • This is a more precise measure of the spread of data as it is not distorted by a single extreme score.
      • It takes into account how spread out all of the values are from the mean.
      • The greater the standard deviation, the more the data is spread out around the mean. Therefore, the smaller the standard deviation, the more reliable the mean.  
      • STRENGTH
        • SD is the most powerful measure of dispersion as it  uses every score in the data set.
      • WEAKNESS
        • Can only be used with a normal population. May be affected by extreme values.


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