Descriptive statistics: Measures of Central Tendency

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  • Descriptive statistics: Measures of Central Tendency  
    • Mode
      • The value that is most common
      • STRENGTH
        • Normally unaffected by extreme scores and may give an idea of how often something is occurring 
      • WEAKNESS
        • It is not a useful way of describing the data when it's bi-modal or more.
    • Median
      • Arrange scores in a set of data from lowest to highest and finding the middle score
      • STRENGTH
        • The median is less effected by extreme scores than the mean
      • WEAKNESS
        • It is not suited to being used with small sets of data especially if containing widely varying scores
    • Mean
      • Add all the scores in a set of data together and dividing by the total number of scores
      • STRENGTH
        • It makes use of all the values of the data- the mean can be said to be representative of all the data collected 
      • WEAKNESS
        • Any rogue outliers can distort the mean making it untypical of the data set
        • Sometimes the mean does not make sense in terms of the data set 


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