Design Process

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  • Design Process
    • The Client
      • An individual or a group who identify a need or niche that could be met by developing a new product
      • Often entrepreneurs seeking to make money by launching a new product into the market
      • Will be the person or group who commissions a designer(s) to develop a product
    • The Designer
      • An individual or group who will work to develop a product for a client
      • The designer, with the client, will develop a design brief and design specification
      • Marketing department: tell designer exactly what user wants
      • Product manager: people who monitor the progress of a product's development & ensure product meets client's needs
    • Inventors
      • An individual or group who produce ideas for new or improved products
      • Have to be communicated in visual form such as sketches and models
      • Product designers might take an idea created by inventor and develop it into a product that will sell well
    • The designer-maker
      • Describes the individuals who design a product and then make it
      • Examples include craft workers such as potters, jewellery makers, costume makers
      • Associated with small scale production
      • One off high quality pieces specifically designed for an individual
    • Makers
      • Makers are the people who will manufacture the product that has been designed
      • Could be an independent company
      • Global Manufacturing
        • modern-day industrial practice of designing in one part of the world and manufacturing the product in another where materials and labour costs may be cheaper
    • Users
      • Individual or group that will make use of the product developed by the designer
      • Researchers and designer may work with user groups within target market to identify specific features required in the product




Design process is what we call the path that lead to the final design. This path could be a complicated one, with many steps and different paths, or just two or three steps, but it's important for design process to be clear and communicated to everyone involved. You can check <a href=""></a>to learn more new things about the card designs. Browse through our brand new Photoshop Masterbundles and find out which bundle is the best fit for you. Here we will discuss the different steps in the design process for you to consider as you progress during your next design project.

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