Deviancy Amplification and Moral panic

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  • Deviancy Amplification and Moral panics
    • Wilkins 'social Deviance'
      • The media strengthens and magnifies deviance- Mmebers of society who engage in behaviours that go against accepted norms and values.Medias repsones heightens public awareness more people actually engage in the deviant behaviour.
    • Generalisation and stereotypes
      • Teenagers being 'folk devil'
    • Somebody not being part of social norms and values- breaking them
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    • Cohen
      • Popularised the term 'moral panic' The role of the media greatly exaggerates the picture. The mods and rockers was only a small thing that was exemplified to the point police got involved.
      • Media uses exaggerated language. Results in public anxiety fulled by influential commentators.
      • Furedi- society fails to adapt to dramatic social changes. Thye believe that traditional norms and values are losing relevance in their lives- media.
    • Goode and Ben-Yehuda disagree
      • mora l panic goes through stages.1 concern 2 hostility 3 consensus 4 disproportionality 5 volatility.


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