Diary - Captain Scott

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  • Diary - Captain Scott
    • GAP
      • Genre: The diary entry of Captain Scott's last expedition.
        • Audience: Those interested by expeditions and the general public - Scott was a national hero.
          • Purpose: Demonstrate the courage of him and his team as they knew they were going to die - factual account.
    • Context
      • Scott was a naval officer and explorer.
        • This could explain the semantic fields of war.
      • Already had one successful expedition and was labelled a hero from this.
    • Lexical Fields
      • Pain
        • 'struggled', 'dreadfully cold', 'no human being could face it'
      • Doubt
        • 'The weather hasn't given us a chance', 'we are nearly worn out', 'the others are still confident of getting through - or pretend to be'
      • Nature
        • 'Blizzard as bad as ever', 'more wind and drift', 'continuous gale'.
      • War
        • 'booming sound', 'marching column.
          • Onomatopoei-a
    • Impressions
      • Repeated pattern on minor sentences in the form of expanded noun phrases that compliment all 5 senses.
        • Synesthisia
      • Personificatio-n of the sun.
        • 'peeping shyly'
          • Untitled
    • 'no hunter could conceal his snare so perfectly.'
      • The surrounding nature is actually smarter than any human.
        • Untitled
    • Low frequency subject specific jargon
      • 'Only two pony marches from One Ton Depot.'
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